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Hi Everyone!

Crazy Friday ahead, but this jacket…is. amazing.

Happy Friday, y’all!




My Favorite Color

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Sweater: Macy’s (this one’s on sale!) | Skirt: F21 (love this option) | Shoes: Kohl’s | Necklace: LE TOTE | Purse: Zara via Crossroads Trading

Hi Everyone,

It’s the best when you have photographers that are not only good, but ones that you love being around.

A few days ago, my main gurl Courtney and I walked around Hayes Valley a little bit before meeting up with Andi to go to the BHLDN pop-up and she so kindly took a few snaps of me!

She’s a talented little lady, I have to say. And I mean, how can you go wrong with an all black uniform?




Photography via Courtney Baldasare

Weekend Snapshots Part 2




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Hi Everyone!

Happy Humpday! Today started off early, but i’m excited for what’s to come.

I’ve been resting up and not drinking this week in prep for my half-marathon on Sunday! SO nervous.

Any runners who have ran a half before – please advise!

Also, since it’s a new year, i’d love to enhance myself. Not reinvent my life or blog, but make it better. Someway, somehow.

So, with that – is there anything you’d love to see from me (outfits, writing, photography, etc!)? Please shout!



Weekend Snapshots Part 1





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Apologies on the delayed snapshots from over the weekend! It’s been a busy weekend and well, Monday wasn’t too kind to me. You know how it is.

I spent Saturday at Tomales Bay with coworkers and I must say, it was an amazing way to spend a Saturday. Full of oysters, beer and good company.

Sunday was a bit of a recoop day and I spent it gearing up for my half marathon! Later in the evening, my roommate Andi and friends Courtney and Ali went to the BHLDN pop-up at Firehouse 8. Andi’s getting married later in the year and i’m just insanely excited for her and Eric!

More snaps to come tomorrow – thanks for bearing with me!



Avon 39


Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Fitting how this post is on a Thursday, because I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’m thankful to live in a big city (mad love San Francisco), have an amazing job, wonderful friends and a great family. I’m especially thankful for this one above – my right hand lady, the most badass b on the block, my mom!

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post about my mom and her fight against breast cancer. This photo was in the midst of chemotherapy and she lost her hair (it’s a wig), but not her will-power or drive. She’s someone who I look up to the most. For guidance, laughter, career advice, you name it.

This has me come to the Avon 39. The 39 mile walk is a 2 day journey from San Francisco, through Marin and Sausalito to end Breast Cancer.

On July 11th and 12th, I will be one of those walking 39 miles to help end Breast Cancer and raise awareness. I know so many people whose lives have been affected by this terrible disease.

With that being said, i’m hoping to raise $1,800 dollars with all donations going to help breast cancer awareness and tackling this head on!

I’d love for y’all to help me in my journey (even if it’s something so small!) so all of us together can make a big change.

To donate, here’s my page.




Checkmate Part 2







Shirt: BCBGeneration via LE TOTE | Overalls: Target | Jacket: Zara via Crossroads Trading |Shoes: Zara (love these) | Bag: Iristocracy

For the last several weeks, i’ve been thinking of becoming a total brunette. Ever since I made the ombre jump in March, i’ve really enjoyed styling and trying new things with my hair.

That being said, i’m in the mood to switch it up. Chop it? Dye it?




Photos via Tory Putnam



Weekend Snapshots Part 2


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About a year ago, I was never the type of person to completely obsess over a city. I’ve visited many in the United States (and London!) and fell in love with each and their unique, quirky charm.

Portland captured my heart earlier in 2014 after first visiting with Shikha and then again in August. Something about Portland felt right, you know? Same with Chicago and New York. Sure, they have their bad moments (the subzero temperatures and snow), but they house some of my very best friends and fondest memories.

That being said, while i’ve visited and have had extended stays in some (hello New York Winter 2010) i’ve never been like “Hell yeah, this place is KILLING it constantly.”

You know, the feeling where you know you’re talking about something to death but you can’t help it because you’re so in love or enamored or in aw. Well, I promise i’m getting to my point.

San Francisco is it for me, ladies and gentlemen. You guys all know i’ve had a love affair with this city ever since I moved, but something about the last year really did me good.

Of course, SF and I have had our disagreements. I get standoffish, annoyed at slow walkers and eventually sulk (or something around those lines) to Sonoma. I can’t really rely public transportation and often times I play the game “is that dog or human shit?”

Even through it all, this city is the bees knees.

And to be honest, I think I fell more in love with the city through this blog. It’s helps me capture the everyday. The good, bad, breathtaking, hilarious, and delicious.

This post doesn’t really have a point or ending, so i’ll leave it with that. Oh, and a quote. Because i’m a sucker for ’em.

I like the fog that creeps over the whole city every night about five, and the warm protective feeling it gives…and lights of San Francisco at night, the fog horn, the bay at dusk and the little flower stands where spring flowers appear before anywhere else in the country.” – Irene Dunne