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Jacket, Sweater & Shoes: Forever 21 | Pants: Madewell via Crossroads Trading | Hat: H&M

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Since it’s been pretty chilly in San Francisco, I’ve been bundling up more often than usual.

Luckily, I’ve been finding ways to stay cozy and still fairly fashionable without looking like a snowman. I’ve been so insanely obsessed with these Madewell jeans that I scored from Crossroads. I have to admit, I’ve always steered clear from Madewell jeans because they’re so insanely expensive but I snagged them for more than half the price thanks to Crossroads. Bless y’all.

Along with the jeans, I’ve been wearing this awesome cropped jacket that is almost like wearing a thicker sweater. Top it off with a captain’s hat and I look like I’m ready to ride the fashionable high seas!

Something around those lines, right?



Photography via Tory Putnam










Jacket: W118 by Walter Baker | Pants: Uniqlo | Sweater: Madewell via Andi (similar here) | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Iristocracy

Hi Everyone!

There’s been a chill to the San Francisco air and when that happens, it not only means it’s acceptable to wear beanies everyday, but grab the coziest of sweaters and jackets.

That being said, this has been my go-to cold weather outfit as of late. Comfy, easy to explore in, and warm enough to even combat Karl the Fog.




Photos via Scott Wisner







Hi Everyone!

Hope y’all are having a good Tuesday. Here are a few more snaps of a photoshoot with the lovely Tory Putnam a few weeks back! Last night when I was walking back from the gym, I realized I always layer and usually never leave home without a scarf and jacket. It’s become a normal daily activity of packing my bag for the day, making sure I have my keys and always have a scarf and jacket tucked away.

I’ve been so obsessed with trenches/raincoats but never found one that fit me super well and had a little edge thrown in too. Luckily, I found this W118 by Walter Baker trench awhile back and it’s proved to last (especially in the San Francisco weather).

What’s your one go-to that you can’t live without?

Chicago Weekend

chicago weekend

J Crew stripe tee / Topshop bleach shirt / Zara green coat / Topshop imitation leather pants / Vans sneaker / Christian Louboutin studded handbag / Giuseppe Zanotti necklace / Michael Kors stainless steel bracelet, $375 / Sheriff&Cherry black and gold aviator sunglasses / Topshop black beanie / Apple iphone case

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! So in a week or so, i’ll be traveling to Chicago to visit my best friends Emily and Sam to celebrate Emily’s birthday! It’s becoming a yearly tradition and since we only all get to reunite every so often, these visits make things 10x more special!

Last year when I came to visit, I was an idiot and brought dresses and open-toed heels in 20 degree weather. This time i’m playing it smart with a long, colorful coat, leather skinnies and flats.

This year will be different!

Have a great weekend!


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

most wonderful

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday and for y’all who celebrate, Merry Christmas Eve! It’s so, so great to be back in Ohio. I have to tell you.

And of course, i’ve been bringing a little San Francisco to my little hometown. Made tofu, quinoa and veggies tonight for dinner…add a little Red Stripe and i’m straight outta the Bay. Along with some food options, I packed quite a bit of warm weather options for my trip out to Ohio. Seeing as how we’ve had a cold chill in SF the past few weeks, i’ve stocked up on beanies, re-introduced my wardrobe to socks (shrieks!) and cute shift dress, layered with flannel and leather vests.

I have to say, this outfit is DEFINITELY on my wish list this holiday season and a big inspiration for perhaps a New Years Eve outfit. Fancy with a little grunge…just the way I like it.

Until tomorrow!