Must Eat Spots in SF

I love food and living in San Francisco has ignited my passion for nommin’ hard. That being  said, there’s a lot of places in this city that you can go to – it’s kind of overwhelming. Depending on your mood, you can have tapas one minute and then turn around and experience the most mind-blowing Indian food this city has to offer. That being said, I’m sharing some of my favorite spots as of late. Hope you enjoy!

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Leo’s Oyster Bar

Servin’ up seafood and bar classics, this FiDi newcomer is definitely one to watch. Their oysters (obviously) are super delicious and feature a pretty great variety, but the real standout (in my eyes) are small plates. Start out with an order of the house-made tater tots and wash it down with one of their epic cocktails. It’s a little pricey, so I’d recommend going for an extended happy hour!

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Palm House

You guys, I can’t say enough about this Marina gem. Nestled (not so quietly) on Union, Palm House is my absolute go-to when i’m in the ‘hood. Their vibrant tables make a perfect backdrop to their tropical fare. I was so stoked when I saw them featured at this year’s Eat Drink SF and their poke (featured above) is out of this world. Order some sweet potato fries, a few spicy and sweet cocktails like this Chipotle Mango Margarita and your tummy and tastebuds will be thrilled.

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Mason Pacific

I talked about Mason Pacific on my blog awhile back but they truly are one worth noting – again and again. This Nob Hill staple recently re-opened and is better than ever. If you want a true dining experience, this is the place to go. Chef Max Mackinnon is a serious genius in the kitchen and has created some true standout dishes like the braised lamb and the carrot, curry, mussel, coriander (seen above). YUM!

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Evil Eye

You know the types of places where when you step in, you feel cooler? Well, that’s exactly how I feel Evil Eye is. The interior is badass, the food is bomb, and the cocktails are dangerously delicious. Some standouts? The Gin Bramble cocktail, Pork Belly Toast, and Deviled Eggs!

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If raw food and vegan cuisine is your bag, then Judahlicious is your place to go! It’s healthy (and hearty) so don’t expect this to be like another typical vegan restaurant. I love the waffles topped with acaí, granola, banana, strawberry, maple syrup, and cinnamon. SO good – especially for early mornings. I love going to Ocean Beach early in the morning, spending an hour or two people watching and then walking up to Judahlicious to kick off the weekend. Yum!

Hope you guys enjoy and definitely check all of these places out!!



Bell Tower


Dress: Forever 21 (old but love this version!) | Shoes: Seychelles via Athleta | Denim Jacket: Crossroads Trading

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Being a self proclaimed shopaholic, I usually end up with a shitload of clothing my closet that never really sees the light of day (unfortunately). However, through many closet clean outs (thanks to Courtney & Andi), I’ve tried to maximize my favorite staples and minimize all the “junk.”

I found this dress a few years ago and even though it’s from Forever 21, a major fast fashion retailer, I absolutely love it. It’s flowy, has a pretty timeless pattern, and above all else – is insanely comfortable.

I paired this somewhat lower-end dress  with my trusty Seychelles boots that work with literally everything and it reminded me of why I love mixing and matching pieces to create one cohesive look. You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks to look like it. You just gotta own it!


Photography via Jennymay Villarete 

Weekend Snapshots


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Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope you’re having a great day! This past weekend was possibly one of the better ones I’ve had. It started off with nomming at Eat Drink SF (more on that later!) and ended with a sunset overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Some highlights in between:

  • Sippin’ Women & Whiskies cocktails, noshing on Bare Snacks and hanging out with some phenomenal blogger friends at Ampersand
  • Sunday morning brunch at Nourish Cafe! Their avocado and pesto toast is SO good!
  • Two hours of yoga at Ritual’s first ever Yogathon! Was seriously so drenched, but met so many amazing people at the event. SO proud of Ritual and how far they’ve come!
  • Saturday fuel at 20th Century Cafe. The challah french toast is what dreams are made of. Go grab it nowwww!
  • Reading “You’ll Grow Out Of It” on the rooftop of my apartment
  • Discovering Locale 58’s amazing candles and filling my apartment with delicious scents
  • Mid-week catch up over elevated bar bites and happy hour at The Corner Store

What about you?



Quick & Easy Composting Tips For the SF Urbanite



Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, I’ve recently (does 3 months still count?) moved in with my boyfriend Ittai. He loves to cook and I love to go out to eat. That being said, the latter doesn’t really do wonders on my bank account so we’ve been trying to up our ante when it comes to making food at home – ie. cooking.

It’s been a really amazing experience working toward something together and then seeing (and eating!) the final result. It’s awesome to learn the nuances of cutting, slicing, dicing and composting. That’s right, y’all – composting.

Living in San Francisco has opened my eyes to a lot of things like reusable bags and being hyperaware of how I dispose of my everyday items – this includes the food Ittai and I make! Today, I’ve partnered with SF Environment’s Real Foodies Compost to share some quick and easy tips on composting – it’s good for the planet and honestly, it’s super simple!

Living in a small apartment in San Francisco, space is limited. Luckily, you don’t need a huge bin to compost! We found a small and inexpensive pail at Target and have it under our sink so it’s super handy when we’re making dinner.

Now, what in the world can you compost and can’t compost?


  • All food scraps and spoiled leftovers
  • Meat bones and seafood shells
  • Oily pizza boxes and paper takeout containers
  • Small parts of plants
  • Waxy paper
  • Coffee grounds and paper filter
  • Cotton balls/cotton swabs with paper stems
  • Small pieces of wood including chopsticks, coffee stirrers, toothpicks, clean (untreated) wood
  • PRO TIP: Many delivery places in San Francisco have compostable receptacles so make sure to check the labels when you’re finished with takeout!


  • Aluminum foil or trays (foil goes into recycling even if dirty)
  • Liquid dairy products (down the drain)
  • Clean cardboard or paper (recycle)
  • Cooking oil (must be taken to a grocery store or other take back location)
  • Glass (recycle)
  • Plastic bags (not labeled compostable)
  • Plastic labeled “biodegradable” (can not be composted)
  • Juice or soy milk type boxes with foil liner (usually square. They go in the landfill bin)
  • Metal cans and lids (recycle)
  • Diapers and feminine products (landfill)
  • Kitty litter and animal feces (bagged go into landfill bin)
  • Small construction debris (must be properly disposed of by a contractor)

Other simple reminders include checking plastic containers and plastic bags to see if they are labeled compostable (I always eat takeout so this is a big one!), making sure to compost used paper napkins and paper towels and empty moldy food from its (plastic) container into the green bin (this happens to me a lot).

Once you’ve filled your compost bin, just take it to the green bin and you’re good to go! Seriously, how easy is that?

I don’t know about you, but living in this city gives me so much pride – even more so, I want to take care of the city I care so deeply about. That’s why I’m confident we can get to San Francisco’s Zero-Waste by 2020 goal!

For more easy tips on composting, visit the Real Foodies Compost website and check out more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cheers and happy Friday!

Thankful Thursday

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.58.39 AM

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! If you caught a glimpse of my Weekend Snapshots, I mentioned how life sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, the odds aren’t in your favor and well, you have a crappy day.

I used to think I could never stand to have a bad day. By having one, I thought it made me weak and by expressing that sadness, people’s perceptions of me would change. So, looking back…that’s absolute and utter BS!

So, last weekend I had a bad day. Hell, I’ll even say I had a pretty gnarly two days. I was in a funk and wasn’t in the mood to be my usual happy-go-lucky self. I remembered something my dear friend Andi said about bad days. She  told me that it’s okay to have a bad day and that I should experience my bad day to its fullest! Get all that anger, frustration and sadness out. Because tomorrow is a new day and a fresh slate to kick the world’s ass.

I took that advice over the weekend and enjoyed my bad day. I got upset. I cried. I was pretty quiet (which, knowing me is hard to do) and I allowed myself to experience that bad day. I have to be honest, it felt kind of good.

I woke up the next morning ready to conquer my day and ready to kick some major ass. It’s a gentle reminder that it’s okay to have bad days and by embracing these less than stellar days is great motivation to find happiness the next.

I found this piece of advice, I love and wanted to share it:

Do what you can to restore balance and focus on the positive, but remember that hard times are often indicative of new challenges, and that these struggles always provide us with an opportunity to reach greater heights.

10 Day Health Challenge

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! So, I think I can finally say I’m in my late twenties and man, it’s a weird reality. I don’t consider myself being “old” and I feel as lively as I did when I first moved to SF, so this leads me to believe that you’re only as old as you feel.

Luckily, being in San Francisco I have a lot of options to help maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. From hot yoga classes to spin, I love exercising and truly feel like a kick ass human being after a great workout. Best feeling ever.

I also am pretty kind to my body and get a pretty solid amount of sleep every night and am fairly regimented in my skincare routine. One thing that has always been a struggle is finding a balance with food.

“Everything in moderation,” right? You’ve heard the saying. I’m here to tell y’all that it’s hard. Especially having a full-time job, running a blog, and everything in between. There’s a lot of social pressure to go out for drinks, grab dinner, etc. Luckily, SF is home to a ton of places that cater to every type of person. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, a vegetarian or lactose intolerant, SF has a home for you.

A few weeks ago, my bestie Andi set up a wonderful dinner with Claudine and Haley, co-founders of the 10 Day Health Challenge. Claudine is a chef and Haley is a nutritionist and together with their passion for wellness and eating real foods, they created a meal plan that is made completely of whole foods. That’s right – only servin’ the good stuff.

So, if some of you think that “healthy” equates to unappetizing, definitely think again. We noshed on Cauliflower Crust Pizza with Summer Squash, Cauliflower Tabouli among others and polished off our healthy food with an equally as healthy Chocolate Cashew Cream dessert with raspberries, cacao, and bee pollen. NOM! So good. Evidence that eating mindfully doesn’t mean depriving yourself.

Looking to take the leap into a healthier lifestyle? Check out their free 3-day challenge here! Follow along on their exciting foodie adventures on their Instagram, too!


Mix & Match

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Pants: Zara (love these!) | Shirt: Gap (similar) | Shoes: Old Navy | Jacket: Crossroads Trading 

I love a little pattern mixing, so this combination is my go-t0 when I’m running around in the morning trying to figure out what to wear!

It’s fresh, still a little funky, and super comfortable. I mean, did you take a look at the pants?  I also realize I keep wearing this denim jacket over and over again, but I honestly can’t help it. I guess I’ve now realized I’m the type of person who, when they find something they love, they never want to let go. I think this Crossroads jacket is fitting the bill at the moment (or forever, let’s be honest).


Photography via Baldwin Cunningham