Favorite T


Blazer: BCBG Generation, Shirt: Sincerely Jules, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Converse







Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re having a rockin’ day! I’m wearing one of my ABSOLUTELY favorite t-shirt’s done by my all-time favorite blogger Sincerely Jules. I’ve been following her as a blogger for ages and couldn’t resist buying one of her insanely cool and inspirational t-shirts. “Dream, Believe, Achieve.” What’s a better reminder than wearing it loud and proud?

Additionally, I saw Local Natives last night in Oakland and holy hail…so great! That was my second time at the Fox Theater in Oakland, but if you haven’t checked out their new album, please do so!

Also, what’s been your favorite concert you’ve ever been to? I’d definitely say for me, this takes the cake!




Channeling Spring


Jacket: William Baker, Vest: Forever 21, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Nine West



Something interesting off in the distance, i’m sure.





Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday! I’m DEFINITELY having a better day than yesterday. With back to back meetings today, I decided to channel Spring and wear this amazing H&M shift dress that I stole from my roommate this morning. Paired it with a white motorcycle vest and I was out the door, talkin’ tech n’ taking names.

The weird thing i’m still getting used to is the San Francisco seasons. Summer in the Winter? And Winter in the Summer? Ohio made it so much easier to understand. However, I’ll totally agree with Mark Twain when he said, “The coldest winter I spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

Rounding out this Tuesday with sushi and a glass of wine. Pretty solid indeed.





Leather & Lace


I look like a ghost…that is da’ truth. Shirt: Zara, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Target



Pit stop at Pier 3 for lunch & some fresh air!



Close up and personal



Devil’s in the details


Hi Everyone!

First off, I instantly fell in love with this top from Zara…ON SALE. Adding a bit of lace to soften up some leather…I swoon. Secondly, I hope you had a kick ass Monday. Mine? Well…do you ever have one of those days where nothing really goes your way? To be honest, today I had a case of the Monday blues. Me being a clumsy fool, I fell over my feet and launched into the concrete scraping myself and my dignity. BUT, regardless of all the “ho-hum” occurrences today, I thought i’d  end the day on a light note and treat myself to a fat piece of chocolate cake.

Because hell, I deserved it.

Until tomorrow! (which undoubtedly is a new day!)



Weekend Snapshots


Girl treats in Sonoma



New Business Cards!










Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great and relaxing weekend! This weekend was filled with equal parts silliness and relaxation. From dancing in the Mission all night, an impromptu trip to Sonoma, seeing the sunset at Sutro Baths and celebrating a friend’s baby shower, this weekend has been fairly colorful.

Just what I needed as we begin another wild week! Friend’s birthday, Local Natives, lurdy dates & more!

I hope you have a kickass Monday, ya’ll! Make it count!


Friday Staples


That scarf is a thing of beauty!


Hat: H&M, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Jacket: Forever 21, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Target



Hi Everyone!

IT’S FRIDAAAAAAY! Can you tell i’m excited? As the title suggests, this outfit incorporates all my Friday staples to bring me across the finish line to a solid weekend. Flats, my faux-leather jacket, scarf and hat. On The Ohio Transplant, you’ll find me wearing this hat fairly often for several reasons. Two are below:

  1. San Francisco gets a bit chilly in the evening and I heard that all the heat rises out of your head…I need to Google this so I know it’s accurate, but you get the gist.
  2. I really, really, really hate working with my hair. Along with #1, I also heard that washing your hair every day can cause serious damage. So, I choose not to. That’s my story and i’m sticking to it. Wearing a hat makes it so easy to just get out the door with minimal effort.

Along with the hat, i’ve been trying to incorporate more flats into my wardrobe. Not only because I imagine i’ll have hobbit feet (sorry for the graphic image, ya’ll) for scrunching my toes into small shoes by the time i’m 50, but because they are damn easy to get off the bus in. Another sidenote: I have to walk several blocks (uphill and downhill) to catch my bus. More likely than not, i’m running to catch the bus. It’s a pretty crowded bus so a lot of people get off at my stop. I usually feel awkward and when I get off, either fall over my feet, maxi skirt, other people, etc. etc.

THUS, wearing flats guarantees no wardrobe/balance malfunctions!

Anyway, I think i’ll carry this look into the evening because I have no shame & it’s damn comfortable. HOLLA.

Do you all have any fun weekend plans?





The glorious Muni lines of San Francisco.


They feel like a very demure ruby slipper.

Seein’ Red


Blazer: Target, T-Shirt: H&M, Scarf: ON via my roommate Andi, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden



These are ridiculously equal parts comfy & sassay


Hi Everyone!

Happy Humpday! It’s a rainy one in San Francisco today and due to the gloomy weather, I thought i’d take a hiatus from wearing a skirt/dress and put on these ridiculously comfortable jeans from H&M. I love it when jeans have unexpected details like a side zipper or patterned pockets so when I saw these bad boyz from H&M, I had to snatch them up.

It will become quite evident to you that I have a fondness (coughobsessioncough) for the following three thing:

  • Hazelnut coffee (HOLLA NOAH’S!)
  • French Bulldogs (I’m following several French Bulldog users on Instagram…creepy? Probably)
  • Leopard things

I believe the last one is most likely the winning one. Everything from shoes, belts, shirts, pants, etc. I love leopard. I can’t help it. My friends know of this obsession, much like the other two. Ain’t apologizing for it.

Now that we have that out of the way, I found these Steve Maddens and instantly fell in love. It wasn’t that hard, especially with the $20 price tag. Yes, i’m justifying that…

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. Mid-week, we can do it!





BLURRY. Like my favorite song. Thank you for changing my life Puddle of Mud.

Sweater Weather


Sweater: F21, Skirt: H&M via my roommate Andi Teggart, Shoes: Target



BLANGIN! Watch: New York & Company, Bracelets: Banana Republic


Yes, I am wearing my sweater backwards…

Hi Everyone!

We’ve come across an unusual heatwave in San Francisco and I am now regretting the sweater that i’m wearing today. To make up for the silliness, I decided to wear it backwards. YES. Backwards. I’ve seen people do this a lot and always thought it was strange/cool/”oh, wait…i’m wearing it backwards? But that’s cool and ‘in’ right now, right?” kind of schtick.

I paired this fun floral sweater with my roommate Andi’s badass full leather skirt (we share clothes like crazy so i’m sure you’ll see more of her items on TLT) and I was out the door. Adding to the excitement of the random bursts of sun, I thought i’d get wild and throw on some fun lipstick I snagged at Sephora this weekend. I have, however, been getting it on absolutely everything (evidence below).

I have to ask, is there any lipstick you’re all a fan of that doesn’t go everywhere? If so, let me know and i’ll be the first one to snatch that bb up.

I hope you’re enjoying the week & getting back to the grind!  So, TREAT YOSELF. I did with a little pick me up: my vice commonly known as Diet Coke.