Weekend Adventures

weekend adventures


Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! It’s been some 4 day week, eh? I’m heading down south again to Big Sur and Capitola with some of my co-workers and I can’t wait. This outfit just screams adventure to me. Don’t you agree?



Heart and Soul

Sweatshirt: Old Navy | Shirt: F21 via Crossroads Trading | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: F21

Sweatshirt: Old Navy (similar here) | Shirt: F21 via Crossroads Trading | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: F21 (similar here



Hi Everyone!

Usually I get tired of phrases on t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. as I sometimes think they’re overdone. Buttttt, I have my fair share of them (Sincerely Jules “Dream, Believe, Achieve” and Buy Me Brunch).

That being said, I found this sweatshirt from Old Navy awhile back and couldn’t resist. It seemed a little old school, throwback to vintage gym jerseys and I couldn’t resist.

To be honest, I also fancy myself quite the Crossroads Trading shopper. Every time I go, I find the most killer stuff. Including this collared shirt that i’ve been on the hunt for!

And of course, when that stuff happens…it’s fate in my book and you just gotta buy.


Photos via Natalie O’Connor



Shirt: Old Navy | Jeans: Target | Shoes: H&M | Purse: Coach via my mom!

Shirt: Old Navy (love this style too!) | Jeans: Target | Shoes: H&M (similar here) | Purse: Vintage Coach (exact style here!)





My photographer and lovely co-worker Natalie!

Snagged a pic with my photographer and lovely co-worker Natalie!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re having a killer humpday! To be honest, I love dressing in baggy, casual clothes. Maybe it’s my vice (along with cheese) but if those are only my vices, i’d say i’m doing alright. Okay, and I guess PBR. But that’s it. I think…

Anyway, I have some mad respect for Diane Keaton (whose book i’m reading right now!) and her “zero f’s given” attitude about the way she dresses. Oh, and have you seen her hats? Love.

I envy that mentality of dressing for yourself and I feel like I do a pretty good job of dressing for me and only me most days. This pair of boyfriend jeans from Target were inexpensive, comfy and an awesome wash. I love how they look distressed without looking completely forced. Y’all have seen the pair that looks like a cheese grater attacked a pair. It ain’t cute.

I wanted to pair the jeans with something a bit more femmy, so I added this ruffled Old Navy top I got ages ago and snagged my mom’s vintage Coach purse from the 70’s. Can we call the 70’s vintage? I hope so.

What y’all think?

Photos via Natalie O’Connor


Weekend Snapshots

Drinks pre Ben Folds!

Drinks pre Ben Folds!


VMSF celebrates our 5th birthday!

VaynerMedia celebrating our 5th birthday!

Fresh flowers make for a perfect weekend.

Fresh flowers make for a perfect weekend.

Pit stop to Big Sur Bakery

Pit stop to Big Sur Bakery









Ran to the beach. This happened. I KNOW, I COULDN'T HELP IT GUYS.

Ran to the beach. This happened. I KNOW, I COULDN’T HELP IT GUYS.




Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I hope y’all had an amazing Memorial Day Weekend. I spent the majority of my time traveling down the 101 and in Big Sur. Well, sort of.

So, you know how I told you guys I was camping, right? Welllll….a little change of plans. We get to the campsite on Friday afternoon and unfortunately, all spots were booked. With that in mind, we headed to recharge at Big Sur Bakery with some beers n’ sammies. We were told by a local that road camping was often practiced so we thought, “why the hell not?”

We pitched a tent, cooked dinner and got all cozy in our tent when we heard a knock on our tent saying that we were, uh…not supposed to be there. Like the law abiding citizens we are, we packed up and left to find shelter. An hour away. Damn Memorial Day Weekend!

Makes for a good story, though! We found solace in Carmel and then headed to Santa Cruz on Saturday to see one of my favorite local acts — Trails & Ways. Intimate show and I couldn’t have been happier. Sunday came back to San Francisco & stopped by Mount Davidson and the Hayes Valley Biergarten, because why not drink outside in the rare SF sunshine?

Even when you try to plan, more often that not…things don’t go exactly how they were thought. That being said, it’s all about how you react to them, right?

One piece of advice, however? Don’t go to Big Sur without reservations on Memorial Day Weekend. It ain’t happenin’. 

Spring Fling

spring fling

Hi Y’all!

Hope all is well in your book! It’s my Friday so I am super thrilled! To juxtapose this weekend (i’m going camping for the first time!!!), I wanted to channel my inner-lady with this fun, quirky outfit. I’m obsessed with cropped tops (tasteful, mind you) but I haven’t really forced myself to actually purchase one. I feel like this crop is a nice compromise as it’s pretty covered on the top and only letting a little sliver of skin show.

So, if I go on a date…i’ll be definitely wearing something like this. FO’ SHO. Anyway, since this is my Friday I won’t be posting tomorrow, but will be back in full force on Tuesday for Weekend Snapshots!

Have an amazing Memorial Day and I hope you spend time with loved ones!




Shirt: F21 | Pants: Bar III | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Denim Jacket: Gap via Crossroads Trading

Shirt: F21 (love this one!) | Pants: Bar III (similar here) | Shoes: Vince Camuto | Denim Jacket: Gap via Crossroads Trading





Hi Everyone!

Honestly, I wore these pants on one of the hottest days of the year. Let me tell you…they didn’t breath. At least i’m honest, right? Anyway, I loved these damn pants from Bar III and paired with an ACDC shirt, I felt super badass.

Photos via Natalie O’Connor


Shirt: Gap | Vest: F21 | Jeans: J.Crew via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: ShoeMint | Necklace: Unknown

Shirt: Gap (non-striped version here) | Vest: F21 (similar here!) | Jeans: J.Crew via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: ShoeMint | Necklace: Unknown







Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! As you guys know, i’ve always been a basics kind of girl. Whether it’s a loose fitting t-shirt or anything horizontal stripe, i’m all about it. More often than not, that’s why Gap is my go-to place for everything casual, yet cool.

But seriously, I buy these shirts in bulk when i’m in the store. However, my time has been limited with work and little weekend trips here and there so luckily, the amazing people at Gap thought of a solid solution.

Gap has a new service where you can reserve up to 5 pieces online for pick up at you’re local store. Mine being the San Francisco flagship store and if you know SF, you know it gets a little chaotic downtown. You’ll get an email to confirm whether or not it’s in stock and it will be available to purchase within an hour of reserving (during business hours). And there you have it…I can reserve online, pick up my pieces after work and be on my merry way.

I admittedly snagged a few t-shirts including this stunner above and of course, this space dye crew t-shirt that I can’t wait to wear with boyfriend jeans and heels!

Have a great day, y’all!