Let Me Tell You


Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I’m SO excited about today’s post because not only do I have another batch of photos to share with y’all, but they are photos with my best friend Andi!

A few weeks ago I asked Ander and Tory if they had some time in the morning to grab coffee, toast from The Mill, and take a few photos. I’ve been really trying to push myself to be a better blogger and experiment with different types of photographers, outfits, posts, and everything in between.

I’ve mentioned this many times before but Andi was the one who actually got me into blogging. In college, Andi had (and still has!) an amazing blog. Initially, it was called Polish My Crown and just recently as blogs continue to grow just like people, it’s now called Lucky Andi – celebrations, adventures & more.

Andi’s dedication was awesome and inspiring to see. She wrote about thoughtful topics, shared her insight into past experiences, and advice to twenty-something’s who were experiencing life.

In awe of Andi’s drive and hard work, I started my own and after two and a half years, here we are!

Andi and I see each other constantly, so an early morning hangout was not out of the norm for us. She’s my partner-in-crime over here in SF and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, if you have a bestie – give ’em a call, tell them you love them or give them a squeeze!



Photography via Tory Putnam


Let Me Tell Ya








Hi Everyone!

So, I know I posted some photos awhile ago of my Potrero Hill adventures, however, I thought it’d be a good opportunity to talk about something more important — friendship!

Anywhoo, a few weeks back my main partner-in-crime Shikha woke me up and demanded me do brunch at Plow. Now, i’ve waited for Plow unsuccessfully, so any opportunity to nom hard on some eggs benny i’ll take.

With that being said, she took me and Tory to Plow and well, plow we did. We ate so. much. food. It was AMAZING.

You know how amazing it is to have badass female friends? It’s unfortunately rare and I can’t help but consider myself so thankful to have met Tory and Shikha. And of course all of my other friends from all across the country.

Girl power at it’s finest, y’all. I continue to be so amazed by the inspiring women that blog, write, photograph, create, dream and support. I feel like women have a hard enough time as is, so it’s been so phenomenal to meet people who inspire me each and every day.

So while this isn’t your regular run of the mill post, it’s a holla to all females who show unconditional love!




Photos via Tory Putnam




Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! So, I always joke that Thursday is the most thankful day of the week, but in preparation of my upcoming trip to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate my best friend Emily’s birthday, I wanted to do a little personal shout out today and try something a little different for The Ohio Transplant.

You know those people who just no matter what get you, support you, and well…love you unconditionally even when you’re being a total idiot? That’s definitely Emily for me and I seriously feel so lucky to have her in my life! I feel like it’s pretty rare to find people like that in your life and I realize now that when you do — hold on to them. It’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made.

So, maybe a little sappy but I simply can’t wait to go to Chicago (TOMORROW!) and spend time with Emily, Sam and freeze my ass off.

Until then, Em — happy birthday! You’re the best friend a gal could ask for.