Outside Outfits


Hi Everyone!

Promise that today is my last day of Outside Lands coverage, but I had to share some of the outfits!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I felt pretty old this year. I mean, reaaaaaaally old. I opted for sweaters and beanies rather than sheer tops and boho hats (let’s be honest, they just fly away). So, the motto of the weekend was comfort. And I definitely played that up in my outfits.

Friday I rocked a pair of jeans from Old Navy, a black sweater, denim jacket from Crossroads and a hat. Saturday I opted for overalls, a flowy blouse underneath and a sherpa-like jacket. And of course, of Sunday – I was exhausted and not in the mood for nonsense, so I rocked a pair of Madewell jeans I snagged from Crossroads Trading, a jacket from F21 and a massive beanie.

For all the girls (and boys) wearing  next to nothin’ – I applaud your bravery, but damn…I’d rather be comfortable and warm any day. o_o



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