Finding my Om


Pants (sold out but similar here), Shoes, Tank: Athleta | Jacket: Crossroads Trading 

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having an amazing day so far! I started my day off with yoga and that’s basically the foundation for this post.

I never thought of myself as an anxious person. Ever. And if you know me, I’m pretty carefree.

A few months ago I started feeling really overwhelmed by things – work, exercise, blogging, everything.

So, instead of freaking out I started forcing myself to slow down and take a break from the daily grind. I made sleeping more of a priority and exercise an even bigger one.

I’m not super athletic, but I do love moving, sweating, and trying new things. Enter yoga! For the longest time, I felt really, really awful at yoga. I couldn’t turn off my brain and my balance well…sucked. This was super frustrating and often times, I was so frustrated that I wasn’t “any good” that I never came back.

A few months ago, I tried my first yoga class at Ritual Hot Yoga. It’s a block away from my office at Pinterest so there was really no excuse to go. Instantly, I fell in love. Ritual’s motto is that you “move and breathe to the beat of the music.” The instructors are super hands on, helpful, empowering, and encouraging. The flow is fast, the room is hot, and the words of affirmation plentiful – exactly what I love. This helps keep me in the moment and not bored.

I can’t tell you how helpful yoga has been for me. It’s eased some anxious feelings, made me more flexible, and gives me both internal and external strength.

Moving and breathing to the beat of the music is one thing, but what to wear to make my practice a bit easier is another. I love expressing my personality through my leggings so these watercolor Athleta leggings (similar here) are colorful and super creative.

These leggings are perfect from going to the studio to grabbing a cup of coffee, too. Throw on my extra comfortable Dr. Scholl’s slip on’s and I’m on my way to get caffeinated.

What exercise do you guys love?


Photography via Lisha Wang



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