Movin’ & Groovin’


Shirt, Shoes & Jeans: Old Navy | Bag: Crossroads Trading

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! A few weeks ago, I hung out with my talented friend Lisha and explored a bit of the Panhandle. While we were exploring, we found this insanely beautiful and vintage Volkswagon parked on the street. Even better? It was right in the Haight. While we were marveling over its beauty, the owner came out of his garage and asked if we wanted to jump inside.

Obviously, we obliged! It was so fun pretending to be in a 60’s time warp with some pretty retro duds a la Old Navy. Over the past few months I’ve been so impressed with Old Navy’s selection. These flares?! YES. This cool, geometric shirt?! HELL YEAH. Those comfy sandals? Yaaaaaaaaaaas.

And for those who think they can’t rock flares – quit that negative talk. Whether you’re curvy, petite or anything in between, high-waisted flares look pretty rad and feel equally as groovy (it’s like Spanx but way more fashionable, y’all).

Until tomorrow, stay groooovy!

Photography via Lisha Wang


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