Morning Moments


Sweater & Skirt: Old Navy | Beanie: H&M | Watch: Breda (similar here)

I’ve always been a morning person. Well, sort of. I love the idea of getting up early, working out, grabbing coffee, and getting on with my day. Remember that whole Benjamin Franklin quote?

As I get older, I really appreciate the “early to bed, early to rise” mentality but damn, it’s pretty challenging. Luckily, I “attempt” to set morning goals for myself. Whether it’s on a small or grandiose scale, I really try to stick with these plans.

7 a.m. spin class? Ugh, it sucks in the moment but I feel like a million bucks afterward. Coffee and/or breakfast in the morning? Well, that’s something that doesn’t take a lot of convincing.

For me, The Mill is a essential spot in San Francisco. It’s in the middle of my home in Pacific Heights and for most of my friends, making it a great destination. Their toast is bomb and their coffee is strong.

Just what I want for my morning routine. What’s yours?



Photography via Lisha Wang 


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