Buttoned Up


Skirt: F21 (similar) | Blouse: Sanctuary (love this dress from them!) | Shoes: Kohl’s

Hi Everyone!

I recently received a letter from my Godmother that my mother wrote her in 1976. She was my age and in the letter, chatted about trying to navigate life in her twenties. It was an awesome reminder that my mom was (and always will be) a bad ass. I also saw a lot of myself in her writing and to be honest, it puts a major smile on my face.

Along with how we both speak, I’ve adopted a lot of her style too. From our shared love of paisley to button up denim skirts, we swap stories about what was popular then and now. It often comes full circle.

This outfit for me is a nod to my mom back in the Seventies. While we may not look exactly alike, I’d like to think my mom wore this on her way out on the town, drinking a PBR and listening to The Who.



Photography via Tory Putnam


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