Oakland Excursions









Hi Everyone!

This past Sunday, I spent the afternoon exploring Oakland. I don’t get out there too often (unfortunately), but every time I go I find so many great places and instantly feel a bit more relieved. A quick escape from the craziness that can be San Francisco. A few places that top my list for gems in Oakland include The New Parish, The Fox, and Cafe Von Cleef.

Two places I had the pleasure of exploring this past weekend were Mr. Espresso and Hopscotch. Different places with different offerings, but both equally as a awesome.

My first stop was Mr. Espresso for an espresso and some sweet treats from Crispian Bakery. If you’re looking for some holiday sweets, look no further than Crispian. Their brown butter cookies are mind-blowing. Seriously.

I also had a blast at Mr. Espresso and was able to take a little tour of the facility. Also, if you don’t know, Mr. Espresso coffee is served everywhere in SF. Literally. Some of my favorites to sip on Mr. Espresso? Coffee Bar & Starbelly. Bless it.

After sipping espresso, Hopscotch and their fried chicken was calling my name. You guys. THEY HAVE IT IN A BUCKET. Beautifully crispy, but not too fried. This chicken was the standout. Along with the chicken, I nommed on yonsei oysters with sea urchin and polished off the meal with donuts ‘n’ cream.

It was an awesome outing in SF and I can’t wait to explore more. Next stop on my Oakland tour? Trouble Coffee in West Oakland. If you haven’t seen pictures via Instagram, you’ll see why it’s next on my list.




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