Holla-day Traditions








For the most part, the holidays begin right after Halloween. I mean it, literally the next day. While some scoff at the candy being traded in for holiday decorations, I embrace the season whole heartedly. Thanksgiving is and always will be my favorite holiday (thankfulness!!) and I can’t wait for Christmas this year (my parents will be coming to SF!)

That being said, I have quite a few traditions I’ve adopted since moving to San Francisco. The biggest and quite possibly my most favorite tradition is my apartment’s annual Friendsgiving. We invite friends and other transplants to our apartment for a day full of food, friends, and debauchery. It’s a blast and it’s a great time to dress up, share stories of the year, and let loose.

Finding what to wear is always challenging during the holidays and while it still is a bit early, I was super stoked when Margaret Elizabeth asked me to partake about tackling the holidays in style.

I’m a big fan of color so when I found this top via Crossroads Trading, I had to pick it up! It kind of reminds me of the holidays since it’s so damn festive. I paired the blouse with some black denim for a solid base and added a bit of shine with Margaret Elizabeth’s Rimini &  Stone bangles! The look is perfect for lounging in the house, chatting with friends, and sipping on some hot toddy’s (another tradition).

I may even feel bold enough to cook something this year other than buying my usual Honey Baked Ham! I’m surprising myself here.

I’m curious, what are some of your holiday traditions?


Photography via Tory Putnam


3 thoughts on “Holla-day Traditions

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday!! I love it so much that for a few years after I moved out of the house my mom would make a full Thanksgiving spread when I would come visit. This meant I would have turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce in February, May, and August!

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