Weekend Snapshots


















Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Hope y’all had a relaxing and sunny Labor Day. From the looks of it, SF endured a heat wave sans Karl the Fog and Ohio maintained its brutal summer reputation – humid and hot. Now, I don’t mind. It’s a nice departure from the SF weather. I can even go outside without a jacket in the evening. ~*truly blessed*~

I got to Ohio last Friday and celebrated my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and I even talked to children without scaring them off! I consider this a MAJOR success. Labor Day was spent reading “Modern Romance” thanks to Aziz Ansari (so good) and catching up with old friends.

I haven’t been home since last December and something about being here, right now, at this moment feels right. I’ll be commenting on this in tomorrow’s post, but I forget how nice it is to just…come home.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with my old high school friend Emily and her boyfriend and photographer Andrew! I’ve followed Andrew on Instagram for some time and knowing that I was going to be in OH for awhile, I asked him if he’d be down to take a few shots! If you haven’t looked at his stuff, he’s wildly talented and extremely inspiring. Everything you’d want from a photographer. Annnnnnd, he makes you look good. Even when you’re sweating through your shirt (no shame) and have lipstick all over your mouth. We’ve all been there, guys.

What’d y’all get into?




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