The Tide Will Turn











If i’m being totally honest, i’ve been feeling a bit well, frazzled as of late. The many stressors of life can overwhelm you, right? Whether it’s juggling schedules, work, friendships, relationships, self-health, and everything in between it almost seems unmanageable.

Lately, when i’ve been feeling this way, I like to get away. I know it may sound like i’ve become a bit of a  recluse, but I truly and whole heartedly believe that people need some alone time. Or at least, time in an unexpected place. This is hard for me to do. So, getting away can mean a lot of things. It can mean going on a run. Or sitting at a coffee shop reading. Or, for me – exploring.

I’ve never been one to sit down in one place for too long, but how can you blame me? San Francisco has so many destinations that are just asking to be discovered, seen, and journeyed through.

One place that especially did it for me is Marshall Beach. Doubling as a nude beach, Marshall Beach is a  perfect place to look at the Golden Gate Bridge with a different perspective.

I checked it out for the first time thanks to a Instagram meet-up hosted by my friend Oscar and it was needed. A great getaway that felt like you were miles from San Francisco. Just what the heart needed.




2 thoughts on “The Tide Will Turn

  1. I can totally understand how you feel, I’ve been feeling the same lately. A getaway always makes it better. Sometimes it’s all a bit too much and I just want to be on my own and go somewhere different and explore! By the way, you have captured beautiful pictures!

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