Paisley Party





Aimee_3E0B8309 (1)

Hat & Jacket: Target (similar hat here!) | Dress, Sandals & Purse: F21 (love this dress option!)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been feeling very lazy as of late. You know the feeling. The waking up, hitting snooze a few times and then waking up groggy. The last thing you want to do is get super dressed up. Putting on makeup is a struggle enough, right? Don’t even get me started on what to wear for the day.

Luckily, i’ve figured out an amazing method to getting dressed with ease. It comes in the form of dresses, my friends.I loved this long maxi dress for it’s breeziness and casual vibe. I loved the print and with a hat that covers up dirty hair – i’m down, down, down.

How do you guys get dressed on the go?




Photos via Tory Putnam


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