Weekend Snapshots










Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! This weekend was phenomenal and can only be told through highlights in bullet form. So, here goes nothin’:

Running: I’m back at it in prep for the SF Half Marathon in July! Let’s do this! I ran in the Presidio and golly, it was beautiful

West Coast Craft Fair: Tons of beautiful products, housewares, stationary, you name it – West Coast Craft had it (even BloomThat was there!)

The Social Beauty Company: Had my brows tinted there (first timer!) and it was phenomenal! I hiiiiiighly suggest stopping by and paying the wonderful people there a hello. Your brows will thank you

Nommed hard: Went to Fog City and nommed on oysters, burgers (SO good!), and fries. So tasty and more to come this week. Annnnd, went to a burrata making class at Precita Park Cafe (more from the class here)

Birthday’s: Celebrated my main lurdy Courtney’s birthday this weekend. Burma Superstar dinner, a little midnight Ocean Beach visit, and of course – a visit to The Ramp!





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