Pack It Up






Dress: Zara (similar too that i’m obsessed with) | Shoes: Converse | Jacket: Target | Backpack: Herschel (love this option!)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday! It’s been a hell of a week (two weeks, actually). I have to say, it’s good to be back in San Francisco. I absolutely LOVED being in New York, but being away from home gives you a bit of perspective. I give props to everyone who lives in New York – that hustle is impressive.

While I was traveling, I brought this backpack and like I mentioned on Wednesday…it was a lifesaver especially when traveling back to SF. I had an early morning wakeup call and in a frenzy, slammed everything into my suitcase and backpack and headed to JFK airport. I could give Herschel a hug for knowing how to make a damn good backpack. I have my eye on the camo version soon. 🙂

Until Monday, y’all.




Photos via Tory Putnam


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