Alamo Square






Jacket: Mossimo for Target (from high school, y’all) | Sweater: PinkBlush | Purse: Old Navy | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Target (love these!) | Necklace: Waffles and Honey

Hi Everyone!

The world is a funny place, right? It seems big. Oh so big. But in reality, it’s kind of small. It’s wild to think of how many people live in San Francisco. I mean, it’s BIG. Sort of. It’s 7×7, but it’s full of colorful, creative, talented people. How exciting, right?

I always love meeting new people and last Saturday was no exception. I met Riva through a mutual friend and after the Instagram introduction, i’ve been following her feed ever since. It’s inspiring, beautifully curated, and is the perfect source for places to go in San Francisco.

We spent Saturday morning meeting, grabbing coffee, and shooting. It’s so hard meeting people you feel comfortable working with but Riva made me feel instantly at peace. She’s a true gem and I highly suggest you check her work out!

Also, i’ll be putting some more pictures up this week, but I am rocking this amazing necklace from Waffles and Honey! Andddd, for a limited time, they are giving 20% off to my readers with the discount code: ohiotransplant20

Check their beautiful pieces out and get shopping! 🙂




Photos via Riva Ramos


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