Weekend Snapshots












Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Getting back from Seattle, I think the wear and tear of traveling got the best of me mid-week.

Along with swollen glands, I lost my wallet, forgot my jacket at a restaurant, and well…let’s just say the stars weren’t aligned with Aimee this week.

Just when I started to lose hope in the world and my ability to be a proper adult, I received an email from a woman who found my wallet AND lived in the same town in Ohio that I went to college in! Small world, eh?

I guess all of this comes down to something so very simple that many bloggers don’t often touch on: bad shit happens. And life isn’t always peachy. It’s a matter of perspective and I truly believe you are in charge of not only how you feel, but how you address a situation.

Yeah, losing my wallet for a few days sucked. Yeah, I lost my favorite jacket. BUT, there are so many other things to be thankful for – even if it’s small.

I spent the weekend with friends, laughing, catching up, soaking up the San Francisco sun, and raising money for Breast Cancer research.

I made new friends, saw TWO awesome concerts (Flight Facilities & Lemaitre) in one week, and had a full day where I ate nothing but cheese (seriously).

And with that, I leave you with one question – what are you thankful for?




2 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your wallet, but glad there are still good samaritans that return stuff! I’m thankful for little things in life. It sucks when something terrible happens because we tend to focus all of our energy on that – but when you really sit down and think about the little things, you realize that it could always be a lot worse. Also, great shots! Looks like you had a good time. Hope you feel better 🙂

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