Weekend Snapshots Part 1









Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a killer weekend and an even better President’s Day! For me, i’m working but that doesn’t matter since San Francisco was blessed with 71 degree weather.

My thoughts are with you East Coast and Midwest! This week/end was great! Filled with a lot of activities, friend time, and outdoor exploring.

On Friday I had a maaaajor throwback and went to Motion City Soundtrack’s 10th Anniversary tour (makes me feel waaaay old). It was so fun to dance with my partner-in-crime Shikha and channel our high school selves.

Saturday was spent gettin’ on the ClassPass bandwagon again (so amazing!). In the past two days i’ve done a barre class, yoga class, and am going to do a spin class tonight. I think i’m definitely a ClassPass believer.

Since it was Valentine’s Day, I celebrated in the best way I know how – a lot of beer and BBQ. Rounded off Sunday with an amazing bike ride to Baker Beach (even went to the nude part!) and dinner with my roommates. It was perfect.

More weekend snaps to come tomorrow!




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